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1 . Origami - The Fascination of Folding

Maintainer: Hans Trygve Birkeland
Diagrams: GIF
Many diagrams of many of Hans' creations, including two different sea urchins and other complex models. Hans is Norwegian, but now lives in Denmark.
Date added: October, 26, 2001
Last Access: October, 21, 2018 08:55:46 AM
Hit(s): 4,339
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2 . Helena's Origami Index Page

Maintainer: Helena Verrill
Diagrams: GIF
More origami math and modulars.
Date added: April, 10, 1997
Last Access: October, 21, 2018 02:59:28 AM
Hit(s): 5,400
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3 . The Clouds of Thoki Yenn

Maintainer: Thoki Yenn
Diagrams: GIF
Some amazing work from an amazing man! And don't forget Kalmon the Great and Glorious!
Date added: September, 17, 1999
Last Access: October, 13, 2018 06:31:28 PM
Hit(s): 3,149
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